Short Stories

That Phone!

Charlie, late teens, sits on the sofa, playing a game, on his cell phone. his mother Susan, in a rush, enters the room.

” Charlie? — Why aren’t you ready?” She exclaims, as she walks over and grabs his phone. Charlie bitterly looks up as she firmly continues – “Go change your shirt, I’ll wait for you in the car.”

Charlie gets up and slowly heads towards the corridor. “Do I have to go?” — “And hurry it up”, she asserts.

Susan heads for the small old, sedan parked in the driveway, and starts it up. Charlie finally comes out the …

Full short, available here

The changes I have seen!

Almost 100 years of photography in my family, and the changes are remarkable .

It all started with my Grandfather, Henry Dubois, In France

A studio called “Studio de L’abbaye” located in a small suburb in France called “Bonneval”, a small eighth century town, surrounded by drawbridges and a river.

In this Studio , stood the most…

Full short, available here