Feature scripts

110 pp – Drama, Sci-fi

A secret cloning experiment, aimed at colonizing Mars, takes a turn and will instead repopulate Earth
Synopsis: Jack Stewart, finally masters his cloning and memory transfer techniques, his sister being the first subject.
His dream now a reality, he moves on to the next stage of his endeavors.
Five international, handpicked scientist are invited to participate in mission “Red Earth”; the colonization of Mars.
Charles, a colonel in the Air force, also Jack’s best friend, has access to a secret underground Air force base; there, the craft is under construction.
Project is ready to launch, but Earth is threatened by an unexpected declaration of war, only 10 years, after the signing of a global peace treaty… An unstoppable chain of event, including use of chemical warfare, destroys all life on Earth.
Safe, in their craft, Red Earth’s crew have a decision to make; — colonize Mars or save the Earth.

114 pp – Drama – Historical and present Day NSW, Australia.

An unjust murder summons revenge, even if it takes 160 years.
Synopsis: Australia 1845…The contented life of Edward Seymour, a loyal bank employee, dramatically changes when his employer, Mr. Case, dies.
Lying on his deathbed, Mr. Case bestows Edward his business and Estate, with one condition; — Edward is to care for his two daughters. Edward agrees, marrying one of them; although, in love with another woman.
Weeks after the wedding, Edward is found murdered.
A housemaid, his mistress, is wrongly accused of his murder and is convicted and hung.
165 years later, the present…Two women share inexplicable dreams and experiences; unbeknownst to them, they are connected with Edward’s past.
Edward’s wait is over; through the incarnation of these souls, the identity of his killer will be revealed.
How will Edward execute the revenge of his unjust murder?

84 pp – Drama, Action, Family

Misfortune reunites twins, separated at birth.
Synopsis: A streetwise woman sells her body by night, to support a frail mum and drunkard father.
An abused porn star, fed up with her job and life, overdoses in hope to end it all.
A movie producer, also the porn star’s adoptive father and employer, accidentally bumps into the streetwise woman; Amazed, with the resemblance between her and his daughter, he recruits her with big plans in mind.
When these two ladies finally meet, an unusual string of events brings about an unexpected past to surface

105 pp – Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

A shy young priest is faced with life changing challenges, when he is deemed to perform the wedding of his childhood bully.
Synopsis: Light hearted comedy and perils, of a couple petty thieves and a novice priest.
Father Julius, finally receives his first priesthood assignment, a wedding ceremony; assigned by Father Augustus, his mentor… but, not a simple wedding ceremony…
Julius, does not only have to undertake the marriage of, Clyne, a childhood bully, from his orphanage days but, also perform the ceremony, in a hot air balloon.
Clyne and his Fiancée Bonita, are a couple of petty thieves, that rob the churches’ poor box and beggar’s tins; and pretty much, only care about themselves.
Bonita, reluctant, agrees to Clyne’s madness of a balloon wedding, as long as she gets to pick the resort of her choice, for their honeymoon.
The balloon wedding does not go as planned, and crashes on an island, with a resort; the perfect honeymoon, it is not.
Father Julius, Clyne and Bonita are rescued by the occupants of the resort, manned by Priests and Nuns.
The events that unfold are far from what they expected.

89 pp – Drama, Sci-fi

They,– cure cancer! Only if they can save their research.
Synopsis: A revolutionary enzyme, aimed at curing cancer, is been research by Marsh Pharmaceutical.
It is canned when it accidentally radiates and kills one of the researching pharmacists.
It’s research, seemingly aborted, resurfaces a few years later, revealing an unknown side effect from the original radiation leak.
It becomes evident that more than one person has been affected by the radiation, including a four year old boy; All showing an ability
Marsh pharmaceutical, having kept a secretive vigil eye on the situation, realize they now have to act to maintain their reputation; but nothing goes to plan.


10 pp – Animation, Drama, Fantasy

Sam, a five year old boy, loses his two front teeth and refuses to hand them over to the tooth fairy; she does not take too kindly.
Synopsis: Not everyone believes in the tooth fairy.
Sam, influenced by his father’s ideals, refuses to place his fallen teeth under his pillow, believing that the tooth fairy is imaginary.
After the loss of his first tooth, the tooth fairy comes calling and is very disappointed to find the under pillow empty, and leaves Sam a note.
Not long after, Sam loses another tooth and throws it in the bin. The tooth fairy doing her rounds is more than annoyed to find that, Sam has decided to repeat his feat.
This time, Sam will be awaken with a shocking discovery and will have a few more teeth missing, than anticipated.
Sam’s mom takes him to the dentist, to make sense as to why; Sam’s teeth are falling out in batches–The dentist and his nurse are baffled.
Sam, now a grown man, has just lost a tooth and still a non-believer.
The tooth fairy awaits.

4 pp – Drama

A life of ill repute condemned her from keeping her true love.
Synopsis: Marion, young, beautiful lass, of the early 1900’s, only means of existence is to be a lady of the night.
Unfortunate, to have fallen pregnant and in love with one of her rich patrons, she becomes convinced that her new born baby girl, would be best brought up in a rich environment.
The patron’s wife, childless, is none the wiser and believes that the baby came from an orphanage.
Marion keeps vigil on her daughter, Elsbeth.
For the past five Christmas’, she has watched her cross the small bridge, leading to the church, with her patron and his wife; this being her unfortunate last.

2 pp – Animation – Fantasy

Zigwart, the leprechaun, shares his crazy dream.
Synopsis: This dream is about ZIGWART, thinking that he is being eaten by an Ogre with really bad breath but is awaken by his dog.

5 pp – Drama, Family

With a longing to be no different than any other woman, Kristy seeks a loving relationship.
Synopsis: Kristy turned thirty today.
Her family are all on holidays, but have not forgotten her; birthday cards, around her.
She sits on her bed and logs in to her digital diary on her laptop and enters her day.
Dear diary: Today is the third and yep, it’s my 30th and still single, but… I met the most “perfect” guy last night, John… I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I really like him. He makes me laugh…
All Kristy wants is love and her own family.
Kristy was not always Kristy, she was one known as, Christopher.

10 pp – Fantasy

It happens every 100 years… What will Susan discover, on her twentieth birthday?
to be uploaded…

4 pp – Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

Only during a solar eclipse, could two types of insects ever contemplate the possibility of their evolution.
Synopsis: Part 1
Charlie, a two legged ant, meets up with Horace, a flea — both kings of their kingdom.
They await the magical eclipse moment, to meet.
Being affected by sunlight, and the chemical dowsing of the land by humans, it has become too harsh to stay above ground.
The only way for their species to survive is to create another — mutation of ant and flea.

5 pp – Drama, Family

On her wedding day, Fiona is given a precious leather pouch, treasured by her Grand-mother.
Synopsis: It’s Fiona’s Wedding day and as tradition goes… something old, something new and something blue.
Something old comes in many ways…
A Frail, 94 year old woman, is about to bestow Fiona, her granddaughter, a gift of love; a small leather pouch.
Its contents, revealing Gran’s most precious memories, had to be shared with Fiona, on her wedding day.

20 pp – Crime, Drama, Horror

Camping takes on a whole new meaning when a couple decide to buy an old rundown houseboat.
Synopsis: Peter and his wife Susie, enjoy camping.
Peter has decided that it would be great to camp on a houseboat, and has just won an Auction on Ebay, of a rundown houseboat, at a bargain price.
Susie does not like the idea but decides to go along with it.
A few days later, they meet up with the owner, Mark, on-site, to finalize purchase and camp nearby; wanting, to get the feel of the area.
In a matter of hours, Susie is missing.
Peter soon finds out that the houseboat and Shadow River, has a horrific past and is desperate to find Susie before morning.

5 pp – Drama, Family

Wanita, a fake clairvoyant, soon learns she is not so fake at all.
To be uploaded…

9 pp – Drama, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

No more aching feet…A shoe company releases the ultimate footwear.
Synopsis: In the near future…
Jim Glopp, is sent on an assignment, to capture the opening of the crowded department store, to report on the latest footwear release by Trendbar, Mk 2 of its footwear “Reboot”.
Reboot Mk1 had revolutionized the shoe market due to its comfort, simplicity and unique one size fits all shoe, that moulds to your feet.
The Newest, Reboot Mk2, were released as the “Ultimate footwear, guaranteed to do more than impress; aimed at revitalizing, not only your feet but, your body.
During his reporting, Jim manages to secure a couple pairs, which he takes home to his parents, and being his father’s birthday, a more special reason.
Once his parents try them on, they soon realize that their lives will never be the same again.
Reboots are more than just shoes!

6 pp – Drama, Horror

If it looks scary, it is.
Synopsis: A couple, heading to visit family for Halloween, make an unfortunate stop, when their car breaks down.
An eerie motel visible, in the not too far distant, seems their only salvation, to call for help; alas, this will be the last stop of their journey.

22 pp – Animation, Family, Fantasy

The Children, of a poverty stricken widow, are devastated, when their Halloween pumpkin is used to make a meal and decide to, somehow, get another.
Synopsis: Three children Squash, 13 and Crookneck, 11 and a girl, Pattypan, 7, of Marie-Louise, an unfortunate widow, are on a quest to get another pumpkin for Halloween; since their mother, cooked the one, they had.
They venture to the Jack “O” Lantern field, to pinch one, only to be caught by Peter “O” Lantern, Jack’s son.
Peter appears to be an evil man but deep down he has a soft spot.
Peter has not been the happiest of man as he lives his life cursed by a witch called “Butternut” who is extremely demanding and grotesque.
Peter sees an opportunity to be rid of her with the help of Marie-Louise and her three children and the loving help of his Father, Jack “O” Lantern.
…but, magic comes with a price.

14 pp – Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Never underestimate what a blind man can see or, do
Synopsis: Charlie, is a selfish and bullying young man, who works as a nurse, at a private hospital.
Louise, his girlfriend, also a nurse, blindly believes that Charlie, is her one and only.
In the background, Frank, a nurse, who works on the same floor, has feeling for Louise, but very insecure, due to his stuttering and afraid to ask her out.
Louise, will soon realize how wrong she is about Charlie, when one of her patients, a blind elderly gentleman, takes a liking to her, and reveals her future and changing Charlie’s, forever.

5 pp – Family, Fantasy

A mother is concerned about her teenage son’s addiction to computer gaming.
Synopsis: A few generations from now!

Jonathan, a 14 y.o. teenager, spends most of his day, in the darkness of his bedroom, playing games on his virtual desktop and keyboard.

His concerned mother would love to change this but, is somewhat reminded and reassured by her husband, that it is nothing new and has been a problem through generations.

As everything, the human body adapts to its environment and Jonathan and his family are proof.

5 pp – Drama, Romance

Ever carved your initials on a tree?
Synopsis: to be uploaded

5 pp – Family, Drama

Logline: Tommy, is about to receive an unexpected gift from his granddad for his 18th birthday 
Synopsis: to be updated

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